Principal's Message


It is my proud privilege to be able to jot down a few lines for the school website, as the new Principal of Convent of Jesus and Mary, Chelsea. At the outset I send to all of you warm wishes and prayerful greetings.
”Education is the movement from darkness to Light”
We at Chelsea, march ahead with staunch principles, fervent faith and ardent zeal - to dispel the darkness of illusions and ignorance while promoting the acquisition of a skill set among our students that will empower them to conquer the world. Through a holistic education system, we aim at developing knowledge, discipline, confidence, excellence and a sense of responsibility while emphasising on the need of values and integrity especially in this modern competitive world.
Inspired by the Charism of our Mother Foundress St. Claudine Thevenet we aim at the integral development of each student at CJM, Chelsea and lay a lot of stress on the child’s overall personality and on value education that works towards nurturing every child into a happy and well equipped human being.
This is the time that we are called to be our best selves in tune with the vision and mission of St. Claudine; to be men and women for and with others leading a life of patience, empathy and compassion. The COVID pandemic has been a great leveller. Every country of the world, every member of a community has felt the sharp pangs of loss be it of human life, income or just normal lives. As the world reeled under the impact of the pandemic, it was the schools and teachers who rose to the Herculean task of creating a sense of normalcy in the lives of the most vulnerable- the children. It is my firm belief that it is the schools and teachers who have silently and resiliently carried these fragile souls through the toughest time of their lives. As an educator myself, my respect for the schooling system through the covid pandemic has elevated.
Hope is undoubtedly, the elixir of life that nurtured us amid the Pandemic. It is the main engine of life that kept the tames of thinking alive. It has been the force that kept us moving forward to synthesize new ideas, accommodate the challenges and reset our thinking and actions while each of us met with challenges and misfortunes as the world has never seen before. But, with hope in our hearts, each day proved to be a better and brighter. So let’s not lose hope but believe that this too shall pass and HOPE for the best. We assure you of our Prayers for your safety and health. It is heartening to see that the calamity has connected all of us like never before.
Finally, let me say that during this unprecedented time, we have earned the full support and cooperation from our staff, students and parents at each step and we look forward to the same in the future. We are indeed grateful to all of you. Together we will ensure that we maintain our tradition of excellence and community that makes CHELSEA a special place.

My best wishes to each one of you.
Sr. Stella