Leave of Absence

1. Leave of absence may be granted to a pupil for a sufficient cause, but only on previous application in writing from the parents. If a child is absent from school even for a day, a writting note from the parents is essential.

2. If a pupil is absent through illness, or any other reason the Principal must get their leave-record filled in by the parent. In case of illness a medical certificate is essential.

3. A pupil who is absent for a month without previously informing the Principal and obtaining her permission, will have her name struck off the school register. The usual entrance fee will be charged if she is re-admitted. Pupils MUST RETURN TO SCHOOL AFTER THE HOLIDAYS ON THE APPOINTED DAY AND BE PRESENT ON THE CLOSING OF EACH TERM.

4. It is essential that all students from K.G to Class X attend school on the day the new academic session commences and on the last day before and first day after any holidays and the Summer and Winter vacations.

5. Please note that attendance on working Saturdays is compulsory. It is also compulsory to attend school when school events such as Sports, Annual Day, National Day and inter-house competitions are held.

6. Appointments with doctors, dentists etc. must not be arranged during school hours.

7. It is compulsory for a student who is absent for a day to bring a leave note addressed to the Principal/Headmistress and signed by parent. If the absence is due to a long illness, contagious disease a doctor's fitness certificate is essential, in addition to the leave letter.

8. Children who are suffering from measles, chicken pox, Eye flu and other infectious diseases should not be sent to school until the infective period is over.

9. Measles -11 days from the day of onset of cold and, fever; chicken pox -2 weeks after rash appears and till the crust has completely fallen off.

10. This is a preventive measure to protect your child and the spread of the disease in the school. Serious action will be taken if children with fever, measles, chicken pox or any other contagious disease are sent to school.

11. Any breach of this rule will be dealt severely.