The House System


To make for more effective management, the school has been divided into four houses which are distinguished one from the other by the respective names, colours and ideals.

Each house for its head has a House Captain who is assisted by a Vice Captain. With such a division, there is the danger that student might become too house-conscious, with the result, that an unhealthy competitive spirit might develop. To offset this head girl is elected; it is her duty to supervise the working of every house, so that she ensures as far as possible that every girl, no matter to what house she belongs, strives towards the same goal namely, individual efficiency, together with the determination to keep the school flag flying high.Class prefects are appointed by the class teacher at the beginning of the month.

The school COUNCIL comprises of :

  • The Head Girl.
  • The House Captains and Vice-Captains.
  • The Games Captain and Vice-Games Captains.
  • The School Social Service Leader.
  • Social Service Cultural Leader.